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Related article: cannot be distinguished. With the improvement in rifles nowa days it is probable that mx^ stalkers could make as accurate shooting at two hundred yards, as they were likely to achieve at half the distance thirty or forty years ago, and as the pain and misery caused to stags by reckless shooting at long distances was the great objection to shots over a hundred and fifty yards in Buy Apcalis the mind of Horatio Ross, it is possible that were that great stalker now with us he might see cause to change his decision. He often expressed to me his objection also to the employment of dogs of any kind in a deer forest, differing in this respect from the late Lord Lovat and also from Lochiel, both of Order Apcalis whom write in favour of the Apcalis Sx 20mg use of collies as trackers. Cheap Apcalis He preferr^i invariably to watch a ^vounded deer and re-stalk it Purchase Apcalis Online for a final shot. This difference of opinion between the three best deer- stalkers this century has pro* duced probably arose from the description of deer ground Hora- tio Ross was accustomed to stalk over for very many years. On Wyvis, where his unerring rifle for nearly thirty years rung out the death knell of many a fine stag, there is very little wooded ground ; that forest is aU hill and valley, corry and hillock, where the progress of a wounded stag would be more easily fol- lowed by the aid of the glass, 897.] CRICKET. 309 ind without the aid of dogs than n the more diversified and better ivooded forests at Beaufort and \chnacarry. In wooded and un- even ground half the stags shot pvrould be lost but for the aid of :he " tracker " on the leash or otherwise. Deer-hounds are now lever required, and many forest [eases contain a stipulation for- bidding their introduction to the forest on any pretext. The driving of deer in the Scottish Highlands is now almost abandoned, its greatest supporter having been an American sports- man, now deceased. While '* moving " deer by a single gillie is accepted as a branch of deer- stalking, even by the most ex- perienced sportsmen, they Apcalis Tablets never admitted driving to be even worthy Buy Apcalis Sx of being classed with stalking at all. Horatio Ross pilloried it as a " Cockney un- sportsmanlike proceeding." Lord Lovat describes it as a method that *' cannot for an instant be compared with regular stalking," and Lochiel terms Scrope's ac- count of a drive in the forest of Athole as treatment which *' no forest could stand for long. Very interesting and very magnificent tnais ce fCesi pas la guerre" Driving has usually resulted from the tenant of Purchase Apcalis a large forest feeling compelled to afford sport to a large party of his friends who could not all be separately ac- commodated with stalking ground. With an army of beaters in a large well-stocked forest, of course, any number of rifles could be employed ; the more the better, as in a drive of partridge, grouse, or pheasant ; but though it may have its own delights and excite- ments while the herd of deer is approaching the ambushed rifles, it is certainly far removed from the more exciting and ener- gising sport of stalking, the place of which it can never be expected to take. Nevis. Cricket. Apcalis Jelly Another cricket season is over, and lovers of the game have now to look forward to news from Australia of the doings of Mr. Stoddart and his team, who sailed on September 17, on board the Ormuz. The final act of the season of 1897 was played at Hastings in mid-September, but it proved not very interesting, as the first match between Order Apcalis Online North and South was delayed by rain and played upon a damaged wicket, while the second match, which was styled Gentlemen against Players, proved more or less a failure, on Buy Apcalis Online account of the unrepresentative character of the amateur side, whose bowling especially, was of the weakest character. By good luck the side captained by Mr. W. G. Grace got Buy Cheap Apcalis the players out for 214 runs — thanks to the success which Apcalis Uk attended the fast deliveries of Mr. Frank Milligan, who got five wickets at a cost of but 62 runs, and Apcalis Online th^i the Gentlemen succeeded in equal- ling this score in their first innings of which total, Mr. Frank Mitchell, who has latterly been batting in quite his best form, contributed a finely hit 84. It was in the second innings, however, that the difference be- 310 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [OaoKt tween the two elevens was seen for the Professionals after scoring 242 runs, for the loss of but two wickets, of which number Albert Ward claimed 108, Abel 60 and J. T. Brown 50 not out, were able, thanks to Richardson and Attewell, to dismiss their opponents in an hour and a quarter for the beg- garly total of 67. In this match Abel brought his aggregate of runs for this season in nrst-class matches to over 2,000, and he is the only batsman this year who has accomplished this ; Tom Richardson also availed him- self of the opportunities presented to him in this match, and suc- ceeded in bringing the total of wickets which he has taken in first-class cricket in England dur- ing the last four years, to more than 1,000. We regard this as a very wonderful performance, as it represents an average bag of 250 wickets in a season. In 1895 he took 290 wickets, and this year with 273, he is not much below his best. Although Richardson did not start the season with his usual measure of Apcalis Price success, he proved irresistible when once in form, and finished up at Hastings with the fine record against the Gentlemen of 13 wickets at a cost of 141 runs. A splendid merit of his bowling is, that not only does he get many more wickets than any other bowler and at a very small cost,